Der britische Premier Boris Johnson, der die unsägliche Theorie von der „Herdenimmunität“ als Erster vertreten hatte, machte sich noch Mitte März über den Corona-Virus lustig und sprach im Zusammenhang mit der Beschaffung von Beatmungsgeräten von der «Operation letzter Atemzug».

Gestern wurde er auf die Intensivstation verlegt. Sein Zustand hat sich verschlechtert, er braucht Regierungsangaben zufolge aber (noch?) kein Beatmungsgerät 

Karma is a bitch

Boris Johnson.

A man who has lived his entire life recklessly, selfishly, irresponsibly; without any regard for the consequences. Because he’s never needed to. His enormous privilege has protected him from any repercussions.

He is a proven pathological liar, swaggering through the years with no empathy or concern for anyone but himself. Indeed, recently bragging about shaking hands with Corona virus patients. As if it was just another laugh; a jape; just another moment in a life less honourable.

There is a grim irony to him finally, in this manner, being confronted by the consequences of his behaviour. Even he can’t lie & bluster his way out of this mess.

One can only hope that the Prime Minister, as he languishes in intensive care, courtesy of the NHS that he and his party have done so much to destroy, deeply regrets the cheering & jeering doled out to nurses by he and his colleagues; when they voted down a payrise for those heroes. If he’s lucky he’ll now be finding out exactly how valuable these people are.

My brother, sadly, wasn’t lucky.
Jas, 54, died of Covid-19 in Nottingham’s Queens Medical Centre a week last Saturday night. Unlike the Prime Minister there was no ventilator for Jas.
‚Operation: Last Gasp‘, right, Prime Minister?

I then stood on an empty street, shouting to be heard over the wind, no privacy, no dignity, to tell an old man on a doorstep his child had died. The most indescribably awful duty I’ve ever had to carry out.

There will, of course, be those idiots, those hypocrites, those bootlickers, who will condemn me for ‚politicising‘ both my own loss & Boris Johnson’s condition. They can’t grasp that politicians making political decisions and political choices impact people’s lives. And sometimes ends them. As Jas found out.

Do I wish Johnson dead? No. Do I wish dead his selfish and greedy supporters and voters? Those who were perfectly happy to ignore the systematic destruction of the NHS while they were all right Jack? Again, no.

My sympathy, however, remains with the terrified & heartbroken victims of this crisis. The appalling & callous mishandling of which is unavoidably the responsibility of Boris Johnson.

It would be nice to think that lessons will be learned; that, when this is over, an enormous reorganisation of the nation’s priorities will be undertaken. By both the politicians and the electorate. That, finally, people concern themselves with the value of others & much less the cost of things.

If Boris Johnson, in any way, might be that catalyst then he will have done one noble thing in his life.

My breath, however, remains unheld.

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